Bobtje's Blues Review

Below is a review from Bobtje Blues (of for Melinda's EP... seems like he has some good taste :-D...

For those who want to look further then just blues maybe will find their "thing" with Melinda. This fresh looking beauty from Pittsburgh, PA mixes the blues and rock in a perfect way till its one whole piece of outstanding music.

Melinda first started performing with notable local musicians at the early age of 15. They understood in a second that this girl was very talented. From one thing to another, she could not be missed anymore in the blues- and rock scène of Pittsburgh. She went to Berklee College of Music where she won the Aerosmith Endowment Award, from where she moved to Boston, MA. There Melinda became a member of a girl rock band Mass Ave, who was according to Melinda’s biography in the picture of Epic Records.

Nowadays she makes music by her own name, this with the cooperation of Grammy-winner and producer Kevin Bowe (Jonny Lang, Etta James, Lynyrd Skynyrd). Not only can Melinda lean on the great sound of her voice (sometimes a little bit hoarsely, very strongly and above all convincingly), but also her guitar sounds are incredible. You can describe her music as a succeeded marriage between rock and blues. She got her inspiration from Queen, Heart, The Rolling Stones, Lucinda Williams, Otis Redding, Aerosmith, Tina Turner, Elvis, Zeppelin, Etta James, The Pretenders, Howlin’ Wolf and Sheryl Crow.

On her website you can listen to some of her songs, which are going to be released in 2009 on an EP. My honest opinion is that her music, whether its rock or blues, has got a whole lot to offer. The song ‘The Hard Way’ (written by Kevin Bowe, Melinda, and Kristian H) is a song, ready for the rock charts, while "What If" (Melinda & Richard Rosenblatt) is an immense slow soul-blues.

You have to listen this!