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91.3FM WYEP Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Melinda Colaizzi & Adam Kukic

November 13, 2015 · Read more »

In advance of our live in studio performance at the WYEP broadcast center on Thursday, November 19th, I was invited to be a guest DJ on 91.3FM WYEP’s Coffeehouse Conversations. Thanks so much to host Adam Kukic, for giving me the opportunity to select some of my favorite tunes, chat about the Blues and discuss the inspiration for our new music video “Keeper of the Flame”.

Watch Our Music Video For “Keeper of the Flame”

October 13, 2015 · Read more »

We’re excited to share the premier of our very first music video with you for our original song“Keeper of the Flame”.

Watch it here by visiting

I was inspired to write “Keeper of the Flame” around the time B.B. King was passing. I kept thinking to myself that all of the blues legends are fading fast, and when they’re gone, who would be left to keep that music alive?

If you enjoy the video, please be sure to share it with your friends, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and give it a “like”!

The video was directed by Tom Kurlander of Pale Blue Entertainment, and features Kristian Habenicht on guitar, Cara Garofalo on violin, and myself on vocals.

“Keeper Of The Flame” Takes 1st Place At The WYEP/Dos Equis Songwriting Competition

October 5, 2015 · Read more »

Kristian & Melinda WYEP/Dos Equis Songwriting Contest

We were honored to win first place at the 2015 91.3fm WYEP & Dos Equis singer/songwriter competition this year! Over the summer, there were several rounds of performances throughout the city, and the top winners from each performed on August, 24th, 2015. “Keeper of the Flame” was the song we selected to enter the competition. Part of our prize was a live performance spot at the WYEP studios in South Side on November 19th. Check out our shows section for details on how you can attend!

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